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Markapur Pincode / Post Office Search (PRAKASAM, Andhra Pradesh)

Ammanigudipadu B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Anantavaram B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Annasamudram B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Aravallipadu B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ayanamukkala B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Badapuram B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Bhupathipalle B.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Bodapadu B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Boyalapalle B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chandavaram B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chapalamadugu B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chatlamitta B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chinna Dornala B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chintakunta B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Chintala B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Cumbumpadu B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Devarajugattu B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Donakonda R.S. S.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Dupadu S.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Eguvacherlopalle B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Endrapalle B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Errabalem B.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Erragondapalem S.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gajjalakonda S.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ganapavaram B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gangapalem B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ganugapenta B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gobbur B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gollapalle B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gollapalle B.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gollavidipi B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gottipadia B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gudipadu B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gurijepalle B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Gurrapusala B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Idupur B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Indlacheruvu B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Isukatripuravaram B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Jammanapalle B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Kalanuthala B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Kalivelapalle B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Kankanalapalle B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Katakanipalle B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Kethagudipi B.O 523371MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Kocherlakota B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Komarole B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Konudupalle B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Lellapalle B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Mallampeta B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Malyavanthunipadu B.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Manepalle B.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Mangalikunta B.O 523371MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Manginapudi B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Markapur Bazar S.O 523316MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Markapur East S.O 523316MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Markpur H.O 523316MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Marrivemula B.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Medepi B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Meerjampeta B.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Mutukula B.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Nagellamudipi B.O 523371MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Nallaguntla B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Nikarampalle B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Obulakkapalli B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Pedda Bommalapuram B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Pedda Dornala S.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Peddaraveedu B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Peedyachavaram B.O 523315MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Polepalle B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Pregallapadu B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Puchakayalapalle B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Pullala Cheruvu S.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Rajupalem B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ramachandrapuram B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ramapuram B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Ramasamudram B.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Rayavaram B.O 523371MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Rudrasamudram B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Sanikavaram B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Sathakodu B.O 523328MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Seethanagulavaram B.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Sunkesula B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Tarlupadu S.O 523332MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Thangirallapalle B.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Thippayapalem B.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Thummalacheruvu S.O 523371MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Tokapalle S.O 523320MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Tripurantakam S.O 523326MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Vaddipadu B.O 523305MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Vemulakota S.O 523329MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Venkatadripalem B.O 523327MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Viswanadhapuram B.O 523330MarkapurAndhra Pradesh
Yadavalli B.O 523331MarkapurAndhra Pradesh

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.